Terms & Conditions

10 10 10 3 Terms & conditions

Prices are subject to change without notice. Calls are billed in four minute increments with a thirty-nine cent per call fee. The free long distance promotion is for first-time customers only and does not apply to calls made to certain destinations including, but not limited to, Cuba and cellular phones. All 1010 103 calls will be rounded up and billed to two decimal places and will appear on your local telephone bill. Currently, the 10 10 10 3 service is only available to customers in Quebec whose local telephone exchange carrier is either Bell Canada or Videotron.


Cheap 1010 long distance international phone rates from Montreal, Quebec Canada


Cheap long distance international calling service is now offered to Montreal Quebec Canada residents just by dialing 10 10 10 3 and directly dialing your long distance phone number. Your long distance phone calls will show on the invoice from your local service provider Bell or Videotron. With 1010103 there are no monthly fees and no contract.

Free long distance telephone calls

Free international & local long distance telephone calls to the USA, Canada, Italy, UK, India, Australia, Greece and many more countries. There are no monthly fees or contracts. Just dial 1010 103 and the number you are calling. The initial five minutes of your first call using our service are free.

No need for phone calling card with 10 10 10 3

1010103 long distance service offers cheap international calls without the need for a phone calling card. There are no monthly fees and no contracts to sign. Many other international long distance calling card providers are prepaid services, but 10 10 103 charges appear on your local telephone service provider's phone bill.

Cheap long distance international calling telephone service

Searching for the cheapest international long distance service in Montreal, Quebec, Canada? 10 10 103 is one of the lowest priced providers of international telephone service to lots of countries including the USA, Canada, Greece, Lebanon, Morocco, the UK, Israel, and many more countries. There is no need for a prepaid phone calling card or expensive long distance calling plan fees. For calls from Canada to North America and the Caribbean, just dial: 10 10 10 3 + 1 + area or country code + number. For international calls originating from Canada, dial: 1010 103 + 011 + country code + city code + number. At just 1.5 ¢ a minute, you will enjoy cheap international long distance calls to over 20 countries all across the globe.