Why 10 10 10 3 is the best long distance telephone service provider in Canada

Based in Montreal, Canada, 1010 103 is a Canadian long distance phone service company which provides the best voice quality and cheapest 1010 service to save callers money on all their long distance and international calls. Customers can enjoy incredibly low long distance rates without having to change their current phone service or switch their long distance provider.

At 10 10 10 3 our customer care specialists are committed to complete customer satisfaction, and to ensuring the best top quality service at all times. We put customers first, with the highest quality standards and a focus on providing first call resolution.

1010 103 has the best rates for long distance calls within North America and also for international calls abroad. Save money on all your calls by using 10 10 10 3! Try 1010 103 and enjoy the first five minutes of your first call to any of our 1.5¢ destinations worldwide for free!

10 10 10 3 will yield big savings for all your local, long distance and international calls. 1010 103 is easy to use; simply do the following steps to start saving money on your vey next phone call:


Dial 10 10 10 3 before entering the long distance number you are calling.

For calls to North America & the Caribbean from Canada, simply dial:

1010 103 + 1 + area or country code + phone number

For international calls from Canada, simply dial:

10 10 10 3 + 011 + country code + city code + phone number

* When dialing, do not pause between the numbers. Dial all numbers one after the other.


The details of your call will be listed at the bottom of your regular phone bill at month end underneath a section entitled “Usage-Other carrier messages, Convergia Networks”.

To view an actual sample Bell bill with 1010 103 long distance charges, click here.


1010 Cheap Long Distance Telephone Rates From Montreal, Quebec Canada

You Can Easily Find Any Country Code Or International Dialing Code You Need

1010 103 gives you huge savings on all your calls, whether you are calling from Canada to North America or overseas. You can find any country code or international dialing code you need on our website and save money by dialing 10 10 10 3 before making your long distance or international call.

1010 103 Is An Easy Way To Save Money On All Your International And Long Distance Calls From Canada

1010 103 is the best phone service provider to save you money on all your long distance and international telephone calls from Canada to anywhere in the world.