1010 long distance calls to Canada


1010 Cheap Long Distance International Phone Calls within Canada

1010 10 3 is your full service phone service provider for making cheap local and international phone calls to Canada from within Canada.

For calling within Canada, dial 1 + Area Code + Number when making calls from Canada.

Canada country code
Telephone country code: 1
ISO country code: CA
1010 10 3 Canada calling rates
Fixed Rate Mobile Rate
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Dial 10 10 10 3 before entering the long distance number you are calling.

For calls to Canada from Canada, simply dial:

10 10 10 3 + 1 + Area Code + Number

* When dialing, do not pause between the numbers. Dial all numbers one after the other.


The details of your call will be listed at the bottom of your regular phone bill at month end underneath a section entitled “Usage-Other carrier messages, Convergia Networks”.

To view an actual sample Bell bill with 10 10 10 3 long distance charges, click here.

Cheap international long distance rates from Quebec to Canada


Cheap 1010 long distance international phone calling rates in Montreal, Quebec Canada

Cheap long distance international phone calling service is available to Montreal Quebec Canada residents, simply by first dialing 10 10 10 3 and then the long distance phone number you want to call. All long distance phone calls made using 10 10 103 will simply be added to the invoice you usually get from your regular local service provider, whether Bell or Videotron. With 1010103 there are no monthly fees, and no need to use a calling card.

Get free long distance calls

Make free international and local long distance calls from Canada to the US, Italy, UK, India, Australia, Greece and more, all without any monthly fees or contracts. The initial five minutes of your first call using our service are free when you dial 1010 103 and then the number you are calling.

Forget calling cards when you use 10 10 10 3

1010103 long distance service gives you cheap international and long distance phone calls without having to use a calling card. 10 10 103 charges appear on your local telephone service provider’s phone bill, without any extra monthly fees.

Cheap international and long distance phone service

For the cheapest international long distance service in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, just use 10 10 103 for calling many countries worldwide including the USA, Canada, Greece, Lebanon, Morocco, the UK, Israel, and more. You don’t need to prepay to get a phone calling card. For calls from Canada to North America and the Caribbean, just dial: 10 10 10 3 + 1 + area or country code + number. For international calls made from Canada, dial: 1010 103 + 011 + country code + city code + number. For rates as low as only 1.5 ¢ per minute, you can make cheap international long distance calls to over 20 countries worldwide.