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10 10 10 3 long distance calling rates from Canada

1010 103 is one of the best and most convenient ways to get cheap long distance phone calls. For just 1.5¢ a minute, you can make as many cheap local and international calls to Canada and other countries as you like, to anywhere in the world. As an added benefit to first time customers, the first five minutes to our 1.5¢ destinations of your first call are on us, absolutely FREE! All you need to do is dial 10 10 10 3 before each call and you’ll begin saving money from the very first minute you use it.

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1010 Cheap International Calling Rates From Montreal, Quebec Canada

Cheap International Long Distance Service In Montreal, Quebec, Canada:

If you want the cheapest international long distance service in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 1010 10 3 is one of the lowest priced providers of international telephone service to many countries including Greece, the USA, Canada, Lebanon, the United Kingdom, Morocco, and Israel, plus more countries around the world. There is no need to use prepaid phone calling cards or be charged expensive long distance calling plan fees.

Free Long Distance Telephone Calls:

1010 103 offers 5 minutes of free local & international long distance telephone calls to the USA, the United Kingdom, Canada, India, Italy, Greece, Australia, plus lots more countries. There are no monthly fees or contracts; all you do is dial 1010 103, followed by the country area code and the number you want to call. Enjoy the first five minutes of your first call using 10101013 for free.

With 1010 103, No Need For Phone Calling Cards:

10 10 103 long distance service gives you cheap international and long distance calls without any need to use a telephone calling card. Plus there are no monthly fees and there aren’t any contracts you need to sign. Many international long distance call providers offer prepaid services with calling cards, but with 10 10 10 3 the charges are simply added onto your local telephone service provider's regular phone bill.